Improve your Game : Seminar

Improve your Game : Seminar


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Take part of an original and new type of seminar for Brazilian JiuJitsu. 

1 day tailored to your game strategy with 10 top best BJJ fighters.

Choose the best competitor who fitted perfectly with your game. 

Little group - Best advice - Handmade for you - Pleasure to roll

On the way to Lisbon or just improve your game,  this seminar will bring you all advice and keys that you need  


Date: 9 - 10 December 2017


2345 rue dlkfflgjdfn 3345 Belgium


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Event: Details and Organisation 

10 am: lkfdglkfdjgldkj

12 pm: kdsfhjksd

1pm: dkjfhdskjhfjkhdsf

3pm: eoifhdhfjkdhfkjdslsk