Jackson Paulo

—  "The Big Boss"


Jackson Paulo

"The Big Boss"


Académie Jackson Paulo / Jackson Paulo Team

World Champion / Professor / Competitor

3rd Degree Black Belt, under Edinho Edson Ferreira Jr, one of the most representative member of the Manimal Team founded by Luis Carlos Mateus Dias aka Manimal, who is the last student formed by Carlson Gracie himself. 

World Champion in 2012 and multiple medalist IBJJF, Jackson Paulo represents 'Zone Nord' for the CFJJB and works hard to increase the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu scene in France where he opened his own Academy in 2009.

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Carlson Gracie > Luis Carlos Manimal > Edinho Edson Ferreira Jr>  Jackson Paulo Jacinto

Main Achievements

World champion black belt adult in Brazil Sao Paulo 2012

European Champion IBJJF black belt 2018 Master 2

European Champion black belt adult 2012 Gi / NoGi

France Champion black belt Gi / NoGi

Multiple winner and medalist IBJJF x24

Top ranked 2014 Black Belt Master 1 IBJJF

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